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Feedback Loops catalogue

Feedback Loops catalogue

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Feedback Loops presents six immersive installations that explore the material and digital worlds of our past, present and speculative futures. Populated by characters and conceptualisations that are at once real and fictive, and inherently performative, the works of participating artists are informed by aesthetics of the internet and the ethics of new materialist philosophies, presenting a kaleidoscopic positioning of familiar and unfamiliar references. Mythology, spirituality and philosophy are mashed together with personal and collective narratives, popular culture, computer gaming and art history.

Featuring new work, alongside significant existing projects, the exhibition features artists Madison Bycroft, Tianzhuo Chen, Lu Yang, Sahej Rahal, and is curated by ACCA’s Curator Miriam Kelly.

This catalogue features a curatorial introduction by Miriam Kelly and six feature texts by guest writers Jack Halberstam, Kim Machan, Reza Negarestani, Legacy Russell, Justin Shoulder and Xin Wang, addressing the work of each exhibiting artist and accompanied by full colour installation images of the exhibition at ACCA.