PRE-ORDER Who's Afraid of Public Space?

PRE-ORDER Who's Afraid of Public Space?

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Due for release in early Jan 2023

Who’s Afraid of Public Space? is a multifaceted project of exhibitions and programs exploring the role of public culture, the contested nature of public space, and the character and composition of public life. The exhibition continues ACCA’s Big Picture series, which explores contemporary art’s relation to wider social, cultural and political contexts. 

The catalogue will feature a curatorial introduction by Max Delany, Annika Kristensen, and Miriam Kelly, alongside feature texts by guest writers, and transcripts from Think Tanks, lectures, symposia and artist talks from the lead up to and throughout the exhibition period. Also to be included, are full colour images of the exhibitions and programs at ACCA, in the public realm and by our cultural partners.

Who’s Afraid of Public Space? is organised according to a dispersed, distributed structure, encouraging a polyphonic and polycentric understanding of our increasingly complex public realm. Taking place at ACCA over the summer months of 2021–22, the project also extends across Melbourne with a series of satellite exhibitions in collaboration with cultural partners, as well as installations, events and projects in the public realm.

Due for release in early Jan 2023, pre-order available now!