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As I was Searching [For Another] - Selina Kudo

As I was Searching [For Another] - Selina Kudo

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In this collection of black and white photographs made in Japan between 1991 and 2000, photographer Selina Kudo’s lens becomes a tool for personal exploration of place, identity and displacement. Fleeting scenes of intimate and domestic life are interwoven with anonymous street scenes to create a raw and ambiguous narrative that explores the concept of belonging.

From the artist:
‘Through each frame, I embarked on a journey to find something elusive, the nature of which I could not articulate at the time. This book encapsulates moments of subtle introspection and fleeting connections that were made while living in Japan. The images echo a quest for both self-discovery and a sense of belonging within the intricate tapestry of Japan’s everyday life.’

Perfect bound silk-screened gatefold softcover with debossed gold foil
Risograph printed
180 × 240 mm, 60 pages

ISBN 978-0-473-67555-4
November 2023
Limited edition of 99