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BIA! Zine Issue 002

BIA! Zine Issue 002

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Bia! Zine Issue 002 is a bigger, bolder, more beautiful affair. It was produced with more support from the growing community surrounding this project, more time that comes with an unconventional and accidental two-year publishing cycle, and a clearer creative vision that came with Victory Nwabu-Ekeoma, editor, burrowing into the world of zine-making and indie publishing. While there's more experimentation in the design, size and feel of this issue, the collection of stories and images throughout the zine remains the same in essence - deeply personal and unapologetically for immigrants, by immigrants.

Inside you will find:
- candid conversations with families about home
- artwork celebrating our favourite foods
- poetry that will transport you to visions of home
- personal essays highlighting how food intertwines with identity, home, community, and belonging
- an archive of photos past and present centring our interactions with food

Bia! Zine is made up of the gorgeous words, stories and art of nearly 40 contributors and guests from Vietnam, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Libya, Southern Africa, Cameroon, Hong Kong, the USA, Mexico, Brazil plus more who all call Ireland home or are creating a sense of home for themselves here.