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Soft Stir 03: Stories of Collision

Soft Stir 03: Stories of Collision

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What happens when objects collide? Soft Stir 03: Stories of Collision is a clash of creative expression from 45 emerging Australian poets, storytellers, musicians, photographers, and illustrators, who uncover the many ways that collisions govern our world. 

Amit Noy hosts a conversation between disparate dance icons Bhenji Ra, Amrita Hepi, and Belle Beasley, confronting tradition through the language of movement. Eda Gunaydin reflects on the ever-changing space and idea of Western Sydney via her award-winning filmic collaboration with studio Subversus. Jazz Money curates an outstanding showcase of up-and-coming Indigenous artists and writers. Jordan Sharp provides comic relief with his unhinged ruminations on our contemporary techno-dystopia. Jacquie Meng illustrates the enigmatic femininity found in the backroom of strip clubs. Rising musicians FRIDAY* and Dylan Atlantis delve into their friendship and creativity that’s redefining Australian music. Plus, much more.

Together, their stories are as engaging as they are urgent. From a single-celled organism to celestial bodies, violent conflicts to lovers sharing a delicate kiss, collision is the moment before, the impact and the aftermath, in which a series of forces merge, alter, and shatter one another. What new possibilities will emerge from the wreckage?